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if it's REALLY just going to be a track bitch, then get something cheap and easy to work on.

nothing more stupid than going out and buying an expensive bike or a pretty one, just to go ride it on the track.

What are your true objectives?
Are you going out to learn to ride better?
Are you going out just to say you did it?
Are you going out to look good?

be honest with yourself and you'll get your answer.

Oh and i tracked my slow ass Duc 748 for two years at 240lbs, and it was still faster than i was.

you want to learn to really ride, get a slower bike. it will teach you better throttle andbrake control.
You want ot just say you did it, just get anything that wont require a lot of maintenance.
You want to pose, get something new. But be prepared to have some sneers. they will happen. Doesn't matter if thats all you want.

All i have to say is that there is nothing worse than to be on a track, and have to constantly find your way around the brand new bike with the slow ass rider.

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