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Ufc 111

Well guys this promises to be a firework filled card so let's see who you lot reckon will win their respective fights.

GSP v Dan 'the outlaw' Hardy
I gotta go with GSP. Even though I like Hardy and he is a lot more versatile than people give him credit for, I only has a puncher's chance. I just think that if it goes to the ground (and I'm sure that GSP will be looking to take it there) Hardy is doomed. It's hard to KO someone off your back.

Mir v Carwin
Wow - tough one. I'd like to see Mir take it simply because I want him to fight that square headed, blonde, brainless hulk, Lesnar again. But Carwin has huge KO power and has finished all of his 11 fights in the first round by knockout.

Jon Fitch v Thiago 'Pitbull' Alves
Gonna go with Alves on this one, he's looking to re-establish himself after GSP whooped his ass and he's hella tough.

Diaz v Markham
Don't really care but would like to see Diaz get his punk ass knocked out. Plus he's fighting at a heavier weight than usual so he might have his hands full with the more naturally large fighters.

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