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VENTING!!! insurance adjuster rant

Did I ever say how much I hate insurance adjusters... cuz man i do... i'm starting to loose all respect for state farm at the moment... Anyways here goes


Originally i had my car busted into on monday night November 28th, they took the stereo and screwdrivered up the inside of the car pretty bad. (i have a 2002 toyota celica).

First of all it took the adjusters almost 2 weeks to initally call me. They "CLAIMED" the called twice 3 days after it happened but got a busy signal... funny I have call waiting, call display, answering machine... NO one called while we were out of the house on that day and we were NEVER on the phone with 2 people... so the buisy signal wasn't from my end... probably there cheap ass long distance calling service was bogged down...

So on monday they finally decided they were gonna replace the radio... they called up and said they would only give me 316 installed with tax etc... note i payed 200 on sale + instalation and taxes originally for mine... so i do the math and really its not worth my hastle take the money so I said ok its the same model right... oh yes yes... So looking on the web yeah I can't get the radio for that cheap including all the brackets... so i said do you mind me asking where your getting it from.. they said future shop... i was like thats funny future shop sold me the last one of the model and when i called them they said they can't get it before... however I noticed that there was a "lesser model" on sale at future for 200 that week in the paper... So I said ok as long as its the same one... so Zoe takes the car in... they wont let her sit and watch in the bay she said (she also had a baby with her)... so once she gets it back I ask her the model number off the box that was put in ... guess what... its the wrong FUCKING one... so i tell her go back in and have it pulled thats not the right one were not taking it.... so anyways I call the insurance company and say WTF!!... they say they'll have to look into getting the right model... i was like ok... so the car shop is super buisy at future shop and they can't just yank it... but i'm like don't leave with it were not keeping it... but according to futureshop state farm said to put that one in... (which they did...assholes)... so finally they get the head insurance guy at future shop on the phone... i must say i'm impressed this guy rocks... he said since she had a baby she can go home now they book an appointment to take it out and that we wont need to worry about paying anything... and he said for me to call him... so i call him explain to him the model number I had... vs the lesser model number that was put in, saying that the online specs were WAY less than the original one... (note I had been doing some digging and found the next model that had similar specs was like 360 bucks +install +tax, because of satelight radio ready and extra features added this year)... hes like ok i'll call state farm and straighten it out... don't worry about dealing with them... i'm like kewl thanks... so about 30 mins later the adjuster calls back and says they don't make my model anymore... he's acting like there doing me a favour by putting in the piece of shit one)... so I said don't worry about it the future shop insurance guy is gonna call you and get it straightened out... well this guy starts asking who... etc... i said "HE's gonna call YOU!" but eventually give the guys number... before hanging up the adjuster guy goes so we'll wait on him... yes ok bye... within half an hour the futureshop guy calls and says... Soooo i just got a call from the insurance adjuster. I was like "GRRRRRR THEY DON'T LISTEN", he goes "Well they listen to ME.... you'll be getting the next model up (360+inst+tax), he's like just keep the radio now use it till we can get the new one in and he'll setup an appointment tomorrow... I was sweet thanks alot, ok talk to you tomorrow... I gotta admit futureshop were the ONLY people through this entire car hastle that has tried to help us out, toyota and insurance company are a different story.

Now the rant about the fixing of the interior is another story... original estimate from toyota says it would be 2700 bucks or so... the fucking adjust saw the car today (for the first time... nice that they take so long) and said its only 1700 damage... i'm like WHAT!!!!!!! After I get his quote sheet its only got less than HALF the damaged parts on it... and he's charging an extreamely low labour cost. So I called up state farm and the fucking bitch there starts to get lippy with me and stuff and saying they can't do anything till they see the quote... WTF does that matter i'm telling you he's missing the shit and its not right... well we'll have to wait and see... you could take it to a shop and half it repaired and then they'll see if they'll cover it or not... HELL NO!!!! first off if i DO take it to the dealer i'll loose 300 bucks in labour because the fucker underqouted the hourly charge and they won't go higher than that.... So tomorrow i'm taking it to an official sanctioned insurance estimate toyota shop and say see theres NO FUCKING WAY...

Needless to say i'm gonna burst a blood vessel over this... my deductable is 500 bucks... i expect to pay 500 bucks to get it back to the way it WAS... not 500 to get half the stuff repaired because the adjuster didn't think it was worth it... so really if i want my car the way it was its gonna currently cost me about 1500 bucks. nice.... merry fucking ho ho...

If I stop posting you'll know i had a heart attack and died over this shit

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ins. comapnies....fucking retared asholes anyways

always fighting on everything to save a damn dollar......didnt I just pay you fucks two dollars?

I hate em....necessary evil but none the less I hate em
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Who's your INS. Company? Sounds like a bunch of crap to me. Here in Cali we have the right to take our cars anywhere we want. An estimate is just that,.. AN ESTIMATE. Damn adjuster should know this and realize things sometime cost more.

If people don't regulate themselves, others will do it for them.
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I recomend Nationwide! I got ass-holed by some uninsured piece of trash from Mexico that did not even have a drivers license. Nationwide had my car in the dealership the next day! They rule!
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Originally Posted by R4Ltony
Who's your INS. Company? Sounds like a bunch of crap to me. Here in Cali we have the right to take our cars anywhere we want. An estimate is just that,.. AN ESTIMATE. Damn adjuster should know this and realize things sometime cost more.
1. he has that right as well.
2. same as him, you will be reimbursed the "going labor rate" as indicated by a survey of the largest repair shops in the area. If you decide to take it to one that charges twice the labor rate, you are responsible for the difference.
3. He can and should, get estimates from three different reputable repair facilities. State farm WILL accept them if they all have the same parts on them as a list of parts to be repaired.

4. If you have a good agent, get him/her on the phone. They can be your biggest ally.
My agent for State Farm is a great guy, and has done several things for me that normal agents would not, such as getting me a written designation that all aftermarket parts on my bike are covered because my policy was in effect before they made a change to their covedrage that they no longer cover improvements without a special additional rider.
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