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10-21-2006 11:14 AM
Yamahuh Awesome, thanks man
10-21-2006 10:21 AM
STONE Skull Crushers: this will give you a good idea of the lift. its very simple. But this illustration is wrong. You shouldn't stop at the 12 o'clock position your upper arms should be pointing to about 10 o'clock so when you lock your elbows the weight isn't straight above you. The reason for this is when the weight is straight above you at 12' oclock the triceps have zero tension on them.

edit: top picture shows the correct top position. If you want to stretch teh tricep a little more at the top position dont hesitate the bring the bar down above your head. It doens't have to come right down on yoru forehead.
10-21-2006 10:18 AM
Set/Reps are up to you. I would say start with 2-3 sets of 10-20 reps.
And right now forget the low reps for big muscles high reps for more tone. This is false. How long you rest between sets is what will determine whether your workouts are more calorie burning or muscle building but dont forget you'll always be doing both.
Resting only 30 seconds between sets keeps your heart rate up so you burn more calories but resting 3 minutes between sets allows the muscles to recover more so they can lift more in coming sets which will damage them more and lead to more growth.
Start between 10-20 if you get a little ahead of yourself and you cant do 10 and get 3 it doesn't matter. The only reason you should start with 10-20 is so you dont put your muscles/connective tissue under large amounts of tension that could lead to an injury.
After you do 1-3 weeks nice and easy keeping a good pace 30-90 seconds rest inbetween reps. Do a heavy week if you want to. Keep your reps around 5-12 and rest a little longer between sets. Keep your weight heavy enough that you can do it alone but the last 2 reps are HARD.
After this week you might feel beat so try some endurance sets maybe 2 sets of 30 for each exercise.

One very important aspect of training is listening to your body. There is a fine line between overtraining and training optimally. There is also a very blurred and hard to read area seperating really needing a day off and just feeling a bit lazy. If you've been training hard for a few weeks and haven't missed a day and you wake up one day and just arent' feeling it stay in bed if you can just rest. It will help you a lot more than hurting you. Or if you're just not quite feeling up to it go do something fun but active. Ride a bike, go on a walk etc.
10-20-2006 12:28 AM
Yamahuh I'm assuming we're talking about 3 sets of more or less 10 reps each, heavier weight and lower reps for more bulk and higher reps with lower weight for toning but less bulk.
10-19-2006 09:57 PM
No1stunner good routine!
10-19-2006 03:10 PM
Yamahuh Awesome Stone, thanks a lot, just one question:
What are 'skullcrushers"?
10-19-2006 12:32 PM
STONE There really is no magic workout. Just keep it basic and try new things. Buy a magazine now and then and find some new exercises that look fun, interesting or hard. Or try throwing in some supersets or drop sets or vary the rep speed now and then or try resting only 30 seconds between lifts then try going a little heavier and resting 3 minutes. there are umptine ways to vary your workouts just keep it fresh and new so you dont get bored. I think one recommendation should be try to split the workouts so you aren't overworking anything. For example dont train triceps the day after chest because you're using a lot of triceps while doing any pushing/pressing movements so youre working them out twice in 2 days which usually isn't a good idea.

Day 1 Chest/Tricep/Abs
Incline Dumbell Press
Flat Barbell Press
Close Grip Bench Press
Skull Crushers
Hanging leg raises

Day2 Back/ Biceps/ Calves
Chin ups
Dumbell Rows or deadlifts
Lower back extensions
Standing Calf Raises
Sitting Calf Raises

Day3 Rest

Day 4 Shoulders/Traps
Military Press
Lateral Raises
Front Raises
Dumbell Shrugs
Upright Rows

Day 5 Quads/Hams
Leg Extension
Leg Curl

Now these exercises I would try to stick with but if you dont know them or aren't comfortable performing them then dont sweat it. (except lunges you have to do them and yes you're lower back will be tight, your legs will hurt your chest will burn but when your girl grabs your butt and its like grabbing chisseled marble you'll thank me)
Try these exercises for 2-3 weeks then when you're getting used to them look around for a similar movement. instead of squats do front squats, hack squats, leg press etc. for incline dumbell press try a machine or barbell incline press. For chin ups try cable pull downs. But remember this. If you want a fully developed and functionally strong physique never stray far from squats, chin-ups, dumbell presses/rows, deadlifts etc. These you dont see very much because they are hard. you cant hang from a chin bar and bust out 20 reps from the start. you might get 1 but thats no problem do what you can. I guarantee that if you can do 20 chin ups, squat 225lbs for 15, and deadlift 225 for 10 you'll be well on your way to building a good looking and functional physique.
10-17-2006 05:23 AM
dontpntpool Stone must be asleep I am sure someone will have something soon for ya
10-13-2006 06:00 PM
Yamahuh No suggestions guys?
I'm thinking of doing a full body routine 4 days a week and doing cardio on the days in between.

Chest: Bench press (flat and incline) and flies
Back: Pulldowns and Rows
Legs: Leg extensions, hamstring curls and seated leg press
Arms: Bicep curls (bar and dumbbell), tricep push downs and dips
Stomach: curls, hanging leg raise and some machine that works your delts
Lower back: Back extensions
Shoulders: Military press and front and side raises.

Would this about cover it?
What is the best order to do all this stuff in to maximize efficiency and muscle grouping?

C'mon guys post up some thoughts.
10-12-2006 05:47 PM
Looking for a good 4 day workout.

Hey guys I'm back in the gym again. I just found a great little gym close to my house and work. Lots of basic exercise machines and free weights plus stationary bikes and treadmills.
$85 bucks for me and the wife for three months!!

..I'm in China so don't get too upset about the price!!

Anyway, I'm looking for a good workout strategy for a 4 day workout regimen. I figure that I'll realistically be able to train 4 days a week and am looking for some overall size gains and gut reduction / toning.

I'm about 155 lbs and 5'9" so I'm not a big guy and have no illusions about being one but some increase here and there would be nice especially in the arms, chest, back and legs.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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